Eleven games into the NBA season

Eleven games into the 2012-2013 NBA Season and the Dallas Mavericks are sitting at 6-5. Through the first 11 games the Mavericks have struggled with injuries. Five different Mavericks have missed time with injuries including Dirk Nowitzki who is still rehabbing after arthroscopic knee surgery and has missed all 11 games.

The Mavericks have been out scored in the third quarter 6 times this season, which causes me to question the half time adjustments or lack of halftime adjustments being made by the Mavericks. The fact that the Mavericks continue to be out rebounded by opponents through the first 11 games is an alarming stat as well especially when Head coach Rick Carlisle has stressed defense since day one saying, “Our focus is on Defense first”. High turnover numbers have also been a trouble area for the Mavericks they average 15 turnovers a game.

Since no one in the Mavericks front office asked me I will blog about a few of the adjustments I feel the Mavericks need to make.

Rebounding: Every time a shot goes up the Mavericks stop moving their feet and watch the flight of the ball. That needs to be addressed. When a shot goes up good rebounding teams continue to move their feet. Watch some of the best rebounders in the league like Zach Randolph (who leads the league in rebounding); you will see how active his footwork is once the shot goes up.

Line Ups: The Mavericks are a team with talent, and I wrote in an early blog entitled “Training Camp” about how a coach needs to put players in the best situation to succeed. Well, the multiple line-ups, constant substitutions, and DNP coaches decisions need to find some sort of consistency so players can JUST PLAY and not be looking over their shoulder or at the scores table the entire game.

As a former athlete I understand how hard it is to stay mentally prepared to play when you have NO idea if you will even get time to see the court, and if you do see a few minutes on the court you play not to make mistakes because you know in the back of your mind that if you make even the smallest mistake you will be back on the bench. That’s not a recipe for success and usually leads to more mistakes. My advice is to let a line-up play, give them quality minutes and let that group settle into a rhythm together and build some type of chemistry. You will see athletes play harder, and become more productive.

Good thing no one asked my opinion!! See ya at the AAC Mavs have a 3 game home stand this week including the one loss New York Knicks and the new look Mike D’Antoni Lakers!



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